The Stiftungsfest Ambassadors at Springfest this year, and they are hoping to see even more ambassadors join them. (Submitted photos)

It’s time to get excited, Norwood Young America! Stiftungsfest is being planned for its normal time this year with the bonus that it’s a parade year. With plans underway, it’s time to start finding young women who can represent the community: Ambassadors.

“This year, we’re bringing in previous ambassadors from 2020 since they didn’t get the chance to participate,” said Sonia Kamps, one of the organizers of the Ambassador Program. “It’s open to all junior and senior girls at Central this year.”

The ambassador program looks for girls at Central School District that represent love of community. This can mean a number of things, but the main aspect of the program is volunteerism. Throughout their reign, ambassadors attend over 20 events in the community, including Stiftungsfest, Springfest, and many more. They aren’t just a face in the community, they are representatives showing just how important building relationships can be.

Throughout the year, they attend these events. At Stiftungsfest, three ambassadors are officially crowned. After coronation, one ambassador is chosen to attend the Ambassador Aquatennial, a statewide event where they nominate volunteers from their community. A few NYA folks have been chosen as part of this event.

There’s more to it for the girls than that, though. Throughout their time with the ambassadors, the girls get the chance to meet others from around the state. In a sense, the Aquatennial gives them a chance not only network with several organizations, it gives them a chance to make friends with others participating.

“It’s funny, girls go to college and talk to us about how they see familiar people and realize they met them through the ambassadors,” said Kamps.

It’s not just the friends they make at the Aquatennial, either. Part of the program is finding a sponsor. For the Stiftungsfest Ambassadors, this usually means finding a local business, though the sponsor can be anyone. They pay a $100 sponsorship fee and begin their journey.

Ambassadors don’t just volunteer at events in town. As part of their work, they also create a presentation about themselves as part of the Ice Cream Social. The ambassadors pick three aspects of themselves to present on to the other visiting ambassadors and community members.

They also help out their sponsors through their time. For example, ambassadors get interviewed by the local radio station, so it’s encouraged that they learn about their sponsor in order to talk about them during the interview, as well as any event they are attending.

Part of the fun for Kamps and the other organizers is watching the girls grow.

“I remember we had a girl who was about as quiet as a mouse, and in the course of the summer she really came out of her shell,” said Kamps. “That’s what it’s about.”

In order to participate in the ambassadors, visit their Facebook page at Stiftungsfest Ambassador Program. Remember that juniors and seniors are eligible this year, so there’s no better year to give it a shot. Applications are on their Facebook page, so best of luck ladies.

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