The Norwood Young America Lions and West Carver Lions are looking to the community for aluminum tabs. The tabs may be small, but they will be going to big causes to help children. The NYA Lions are collecting tabs for Ronald McDonald House and the West Carver Lions donating to the Minnesota Shriners Wheelchair Fund.

“The reason we’re using the tabs is that it’s a higher quality of aluminum, and they’re smaller,” said David Williams, communications for the NYA Lions. “We’re putting up containers throughout the city for people to bring tabs to.”

Many organizations collect aluminum cans, but what NYA’s two local Lions clubs are looking for are the tabs that open the cans. They can come from any type of can, whether carbonated water, soda, or beer. While these little tabs may seem small compared to the can, on a national level the charities that recycle these receive quite a bit per ton received. Per pound, it’s just under a dollar.

The Lions clubs are placing ice cream buckets at popular spots around town. They will continue to be a fixture in town for the foreseeable future.

“The more we collect, the more goes to those organizations,” said Williams.

Whenever the buckets get filled, the Lions will take them down to the recycling center. The funds they receive will go straight to the charity chosen by the bucket, as some will be West Carver Lions and others NYA Lions. While there is a friendly competition between different Lions clubs nationally, no matter which bucket you choose to put tabs in, they’re going to a good cause.

Both charities relate to medical assistance. The Ronald McDonald House provides rooms for children in need of long-term medical care. It allows families to worry about other things, not just how to house their children during their time in the hospital. They also provide meals for the families during their stay.

The Shriners Wheelchair Fund is exactly what it sounds like. They accept donations in order to provide disabled children in need wheelchairs, mechanical or otherwise.

Buckets from the West Carver Lions and NYA Lions clubs will be placed at the following locations: Central Schools, the Norwood Sports Complex, Peace Villa, NYA Old National Bank, Oak Grove, City Hall, The Quilting Grounds, Midtown Café, Home Solutions, Citizens Bank, Lano Equipment, Pro Auto, Schmidt Chiropractic, and Kirkman Trucking. The Lions are looking for other places to collect donations, so if a business or organization wants to join in, they can contact Williams at

Looking for something to do with the cans once you take off the tabs? All Saints Church and several others around town collect the cans for donations as well. So save your aluminum and remember to check your favorite spots when you’re around town for ice cream buckets from the local Lions.

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