Drama returns to Central School District in a great way. With the students back on campus, the thespians are back in action, and are taking to the screen instead of the stage. The feature film is still being worked on at time of writing, but a short and sweet One Act Play has been put together and already submitted for judgement. This year’s actors played “A Virtual Whodunnit”, an extremely appropriate and hilarious act for a year of looking at faces on your screen.

“We had a great time putting this together, and I absolutely loved how creative the kids were with using their space on Zoom,” said Sarah Thompson, director of this year’s One Act. “We are not having any live performances, but we will be participating in a competition for Section 4A.”

The Whodunnit was written this year by Flip Kobler and Cindy Marcus, who looked at what students could do given the restrictions and came up with something fitting for a year like 2020. For this comedy, Preston Sterling (Kailey Twiest) is electrocuted by his phone while on a Zoom meeting on his birthday.

Detective Sloan (Twiest) begins questioning those who were attending said meeting: Haley (Avery Lueck), Barry (Joe Docken), Florina (Lueck), and Bullion (Brandon Tellers) to find out who could have had the wherewithal to murder Preston. All over Zoom, of course. This all culminates in Sloan finding the killer through all the hijinks and low odds.

While a challenge, a bit of creativity on the students’ parts led to a funny showing for families last Friday, according to Thompson. Students had to fully utilize their space and costume talents in order to sell the role. Notice that the dead man, Preston, and the detective are played by the same student. This is hard enough on a stage, where distance is a factor. Imagine the challenge when judges see your face up close and personal over Zoom.

Central’s One Act has been submitted for sub-sections, the deadline of which was January 30. The recording will be judged and the team will be notified on whether or not they are moving to sections or not. Until then, they wait.

Looking for more drama from Central? Their feature film, “Not Another Hallmark Movie” is gearing up to release mid-February via Youtube. Remember to keep an eye on Central Public Schools on Facebook to keep up to date on when it will be ready, along with the progress on “A Virtual Whodunnit” from One Act.

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