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The Plott Hounds

They started off singing about going "Southbound," but you may have seen the Anoka-based band performing in the area or filming their music videos locally. The Plott Hounds released their first EP, called "Rum River Rising," five weeks after they formed as a band in April 2014. 

The Plott Hounds play southern rock and roll, country and folk style music. They released "Living Free," their debut album, July 7. The seven-piece band has been heard on radio stations such as Bob 106.1 in Minnesota and The Bull 94.9 in Georgia. They have also been heard on top 10 spots on the New Artist Countdown on BestCountryRadio.com

Noah Alexander, lead singer and guitarist, was born in the outskirts of Atlanta, Georgia, and writes songs about his life lessons. He once was a violinist, but now focuses on guitar playing, song writing and singing. He says The Plott Hounds take inspiration from bands such as Marshall Tucker, Allman Brothers, and The Band. They also have produced several music videos including "Southbound," "This Ain't No Country Song" and "Living Free Or Dying To Try."

"It does tell a story, it helps you connect with the band, it really helps bridge that gap between, you know, performance and fans, and that's really what we're trying to capture when we make music videos," said Alexander. 

To watch some of the band's official music videos, visit https://www.youtube.com/user/theplotthounds/videos. For more information on The Plott Hounds, visit http://www.theplotthounds.com/home.

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