Summer vacation is in full swing but the Fridley School District is still buzzing with activity as construction crews hammer out the renovations at Fridley High School, Stevenson Elementary School and Hayes Elementary School.

Last November, the Fridley School district asked its residents to approve a $27,500,000 bond issue for safety and security upgrades, fire suppression systems upgrades, technology upgrades across the district, completion of deferred maintenance projects and to address space issues. Residents passed the bond with more than a 70 percent yes vote margin.

The average age of the buildings in the Fridley School District is 55 years. Most of the buildings still have the original flooring, roofs, windows, and boilers that have reached the end of their lifespan.

“The district really made a lot of its infrastructure last well beyond its life expectancy,” said Fridley Public Schools Communications Specialist David Webber. “It was time for the renovations.”

The projects have been divided into three phases over the course of three years. Phase two and three are scheduled for the summer of 2017 and 2018.

The first phase includes additions to both Hayes and Stevenson elementary school to serve growing populations, as well as major renovations to the high school.

The renovations at the High School, Hayes Elementary and Stevenson Elementary are expected to be completed before school resumes in the Fall with the exception of the High School Auditorium. The auditorium is being remodeled to include a handicap elevator, new seating, a digital sound system and new walls.

“The auditorium will most likely be finished by the end of October,” said District Janitor Tim Buttweiler.  “There is a lot to do.”

Renovations at Fridley Middle School will take place during phase two and renovations at the Community Center will take place during phase three.

Safety and security upgrades include a new camera system and a complete changing of keys.

“Teachers and staff will be given an exclusive set of keys that allow them access to only certain parts of the school,” said Webber.

Teachers will now be able to lock the door from inside the classroom, which was not possible before.

“It will make the school a safer place,” said Fridley Finance Director Matthew Hammer.

Below is a breakdown of the construction phases:

2016 Projects

• Replace original main gym floor and bleachers – high school

• Fire suppression install – high school

• Kitchen alterations – high school, Hayes

• Auditorium seating and wall replacement, sound system update – high school

• HVAC update – high school

• Re-roofing – high school

• Window replacement – high school

• Technology upgrade – high school

• Safety and security – high school, Hayes, Stevenson

• Security update for loading dock – high school

2017 Projects

• Classroom remodeling – middle school

• Window replacement – middle school

• Roof sections – middle school

• Gymnasium – middle school

• Fire suppression system – middle school

• Technology upgrade – middle school

• Safety and security – middle school

• Complete remaining HVAC update – middle school

2018 Projects

• School entrance security – high school

• Roof and window replacements - community center

• Fire suppression - community center

• Complete HVAC update - community center

• Security update for loading dock - community center

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