The Columbia Heights High School Concert Choir hosted North Saint Paul High School’s Concert Chorale for a day of collaborative music making and learning from one another last week.

The choirs performed for each other and received a vocal coaching session with the choral director from the other school (James Borsky from Columbia Heights and Ms. Alswager from North St. Paul).

“This was a superb opportunity for students to gain new musical insights and to build relationships with vocal students from another Twin Cities high school,” said Borsky. “I was proud to see our students responding so promptly to different styles of conducting.”

“We learned different ways to express ourselves artistically through music,” said Columbia Heights student and participant Aurora Wigley.

The day culminated with the choirs combining to sing “The Awakening,” a powerful piece of choral music by Joseph Martin. Other musical selections included “I Have Had Singing” by Ron Jeffers and “Music I heard,” a piece composed by Borsky.

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