To the Editor:

I moved to this country from the world’s largest democracy a few years ago, and am now a citizen here. I take voting to be a sacred duty, and have tried my best to make informed decisions, starting with city elections in New Brighton last year.

Looking into the backgrounds of various candidates, I came across various online postings from a candidate who has since been voted out of office. This person only had snide and snarky comments about other city council members without anything positive to show for her 12 years on the city council.

Having even year elections will save us money, and increase voter turnout – ensuring true democratic decisions. We have voted in a set of representatives to our city council, by majority vote, in a free and fair election, so she should get over it and step aside so the city can be run. Even my 6 year-old twins behave better and more cheerful when they lose a fair fight!

Fellow citizens of New Brighton, vote no on the ballot question, and lets focus on making our city better. Even year elections will result in a larger voter turnout, and will keep our elected representatives on their toes, instead of taking decisions with less oversight.

Sunderraju Ramachandran

New Brighton

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