To the Editor:

Being involved in Columbia Heights as councilmember and mayor for 30 years, I would like to let residents know who I believe would be the best mayor for the city that I worked for and care so much for still to this day.

Connie Buesgens is my choice to lead our community for the next two years. She has done an outstanding job as a councilmember and has shown true leadership by bringing things to the council and having them brought to completion. I believe she is honest and involved in the community for the right reasons. If you don’t care who gets the credit, you can accomplish an awful lot. She shows she is a team player and works well with staff. She is likeable, and would represent us well in the surrounding communities and state organizations that she will be required to be part of. 

She is someone who we will be able to be proud of. She has shown she is energetic and will move our community forward. I have the utmost respect for everyone who files for election, they are willing to serve their community and everyone will not get elected.

However, they all deserve our thanks. It takes guts to put your hat in the ring, especially in this political environment. I might as well tell you I will cast my councilmember votes to John Murzyn who is an outstanding member who I have worked with and a young dynamic newcomer, Nelle Bing.  Remember, let’s not take ourselves too seriously, enjoy life, and maybe do a random act of kindness.

Gary Peterson

Former Mayor

City of Columbia Heights

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