Nine Mile Creek Senior Living resident Yvonne Wentz dusts grout off the surface of a mosaic residents of the senior living community have been assembling. (Sun Current staff photo by Mike Hanks)


A group of Bloomington residents set out to prove that you’re never too old to learn, and the fruit of their labor will be unveiled next week.

Residents of Nine Mile Creek Senior Living in Bloomington have been working on a glass and clay mosaic that depicts life as they know it. The focus of their mosaic: “The beautiful area that Nine Mile Creek is,” according to artist Anne Krocak.

The mosaic is the result of a grant that the senior community received. Mary Blazanin, director of leisure and events, secured the grant that has allowed Krocak to help Nine Mile Creek residents design and craft the mosaic.

The finished product will be the result of two distinct processes. Residents have created clay tiles that will serve as the frame of the mosaic, and its interior is composed of cut pieces of glass that are arranged to depict the creek and parkland surrounding it, which is on the backside of the senior living community, Krocak explained.

The small square tiles were designed by the residents and depict activities and things of importance to them. Activities, such as card games, the book club and gardening are depicted, as well as a dog that serves as the building’s mascot and the bus that serves as a chauffeur for community activities.

Residents learned the art of sculpting and glazing the tiles, as well as how to cut and shape the hundreds of glass pieces that are affixed to the mosaic, according to Krocak.

The mosaic was created in three pieces that will be mounted on the wall of the building’s lobby.

Krocak met with residents in December to discuss ideas for the mosaic. Work began last month, with students from Jefferson High School visiting most weeks to assist with the process, she noted.

The finished product will be unveiled in the Nine Mile Creek Senior Living lobby at 2:30 p.m. Saturday, March 25.




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