To the editor:

I will vote to re-elect Bob Stewart to the Edina City Council and this is why.

On Sept. 17 I attended the League of Women Voters forum and heard all the candidates answer audience questions. It became apparent early on that some candidates were running on single issues. Our city needs council members that understand all the complex challenges that a successful first-ring suburb faces now and in the future. Bob Stewart has proved for the last four years to be that person.

Bob brings strong business and financial skills to the council. He has demonstrated that he listens to Edina citizens at large and works well the city’s resident-run boards and commissions. This is reflected in the fact that Bob’s decisions take in the broad range of facts and resident input. The personal and public experience that Bob has will continue to provide a sound basis for his informed leadership. Please consider all these factors and vote to re-elect Bob Stewart to the Edina City Council.

Ann Swenson


Former Edina City Council member

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