To the editor

As a former school board member, I can tell you from experience that Heather Starks is exactly what the Bloomington School Board needs.

Heather is a lifelong Bloomington resident, attended Bloomington public school from K-12, and takes pride in our community. She’s a licensed teacher with experience in our district, giving her insight into challenges educators face every day. She’s a leader in the community, advocating for all children as president of the Minnesota PTA, Bloomington PTSA Council, Hillcrest PTSA, and Early Childhood/Family Education Parent Advisory Council. As a mother of three, Heather knows the challenges parents face while advocating for their own children.

I have known Heather since we attended kindergarten together at Oak Grove. I have never heard a bad word said about her, and I would describe her as kind, caring and strong. She is open to hearing all sides of a topic before forming an opinion and is willing to work to find common ground with those whom she may disagree. Her commitment to remaining non-partisan in this race may have cost her endorsements, but I see that as a beacon of light in our ever-divided society.

I had the opportunity to work with Heather as a founding member of the Bloomington Public Schools Advocacy Council. Heather was able to step into the role of chair with little direction, turn an idea into a plan and see those plans through to completion.

After knowing Heather since I was 5 years old, seeing her leadership abilities and witnessing her testify in front of the state legislature on behalf of schools, I have no reservations giving her my full confidence and support and recommending to others to vote for Heather Starks for Bloomington School Board.

Ricardo “Ric” Oliva


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