To the editor:

As a Bloomington Public Schools bus driver, I enthusiastically support John Moravec for school board. He is committed to working together with all stakeholders in the district and the community to ensure all voices are heard.

District bus drivers, custodians, cooks and other support workers are frustrated. In the name of saving money, working conditions are in need of improvement, and we have administrators and board members who do not listen. It is difficult for Bloomington schools to attract and retain great workers. Many of the employees who have chosen to stay do not believe their voices are being heard. I believe it is time for a change in leadership on the Bloomington School Board.

John understands that the question at hand is not making our community cheaper, it is about making our community better. He will fight to ensure district leadership is accountable to the people it serves: Students, employees and taxpayers.

He is a respected educational leader and fiscal watchdog with compassion, eager to learn how we can improve. John will apply critical thinking to the various challenges that face the district.

John has also won the trust of Bloomington teachers. The Bloomington Federation of Teachers has endorsed John. I stand with the BFT in my personal endorsement because John understands that all district employees make the district great.

I am voting for John Moravec so that parents, working families and employees can be confident that we are working for our best futures. I hope he will earn your support, too.

Gary Bergeson


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