To the editor:

I was surprised to see an Election Day picture of Bloomington School Boardmember Beth Beebe in the Nov. 14 Bloomington Sun Current.

When I saw the picture of Beebe, an assistant head judge of Precinct 19, my first thought was that Beebe should have recused herself from this election.

As a member of the Bloomington School Board, Beebe had a vested interest in the outcome of the Nov. 5 election. Beebe has been an election judge for years, but she was elected to the board in 2017. She now holds public office.

I do not believe that Beebe had a nefarious reason for continuing as an election judge, but good judgment would seem to have led to Beebe’s own recusal.

It is my understanding that Beebe was not in violation of any rule or regulation because she was not on the 2019 ballot. How would Bloomington voters feel if the mayor could be an election judge on a year when he or she was not on the ballot? It seems unlikely that this has ever happened.

To me, this should not have happened either. The city should re-examine its election judge guidelines.

Election legitimacy is a critical issue in our country. It should be a critical issue in Bloomington as well. The appearance of impropriety is never good. Optics matter, especially in regard to elections.

Jan Parks


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