To the editor:

As a longtime Bloomington resident, it has been two decades since an opportunity to explore a mayoral contest existed.

With the primary election having whittled the contest down to two candidates, it’s time to look at local politics.

After years of planning, the Bloomington City Council recently settled on the decision to move forward with plans to destroy part of Valley View Park to make room for a community center. Throughout these deliberations, Councilmember Tim Busse was an ardent supporter of the project.

Recently, at a forum hosted by the League of Women Voters, the Valley View issue was brought to the forefront. Busse reaffirmed his support for the project. His opponent in the race, Ryan Kulka expressed deep concerns about the how the decision was made, traffic, parking and a lack of communication on the matter.

Although nothing is truly final until the bulldozers descend upon Valley View Park, at the most recent council meeting, the issue would be put to a near-final vote, money would be spent and architects hired. In what could only be described as a complete lack of awareness on the part of the council, Busse was allowed to give what could only be considered a campaign speech in the middle of deliberations. Yet, the most shocking part of this circus was not the time he was granted to openly run for mayor during a council meeting, but the narrative of said speech.

In retrospect, I should have looked to see if the councilman had worn flip flops to the meeting as that would have been a harbinger of things to come, for after offering continued support for the Valley View location and reaffirming his support only days prior, Busse was now against the project. In a clear move to pander to the electorate, and for what could only be described as a clear sign of political expediency, he would vote no on the initiative.

How can we support a mayoral candidate that clearly lacks conviction in his actions?

Daniel Flood


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