To the editor:

The recent letter from Bloomington Mayor Gene Winstead uses all the current catchphrases, with words like “diversity,” “welcoming,” ‘bigotry” and “community.”

He says diversity benefits our community but offers no evidence of that. He mentions a New York Times article about St. Cloud, and appears to agree with the article that St. Cloud is racist, bigoted, demeaning and “contrary to our values.” So what? It’s St. Cloud, not Bloomington. Our mayor says our city should welcome everyone, so our city council has adopted equity and inclusion as one (it’s really two) of our six strategic priorities.

It looks as if our mayor and city council harbor prejudice and hate the opinion of some people that disagree with them. They also appear to not tolerate certain points of view. I suppose the mayor thinks that more poor in our city is a good thing. Does the mayor believe that more crime and deteriorating housing is a positive? Does the mayor and city council think that subsidized housing has no negatives? Does the city council think that more crime, poor, uneducated, drugs and homelessness helps our standard of living? Does he really mean welcome everyone?

I am glad the mayor is done. We need a new direction for Bloomington. I do not want our city to have homeless camps, terrible schools, large poor populations and ever-increasing crime.

I can proudly say I am not welcoming to any people that destroy the standard of living in too many of our major American cities. I am also not welcoming to politicians who tolerate it.

Vote for those candidates that want a new direction for Bloomington.

Mike Moranz


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