A Minnetonka man and a Minneapolis woman were charged Tuesday with several counts related to a shooting that occurred in an M Health Fairview Southdale parking ramp earlier this month.

Matthew Thomas Rush, 33, was charged with second-degree attempted murder, first-degree attempted aggravated robbery and second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon in connection to the Sept. 14 shooting incident.

A second defendant, Lucinda Ann Peterson, 50, is charged with first-degree attempted aggravated robbery, aiding an offender to avoid arrest and being an accomplice after the crime occurred.

The criminal complaints associated with the charges provide the following account:

Edina Police responded to a report of a shooting on the west parking ramp of the hospital. The victim, who is a doctor at the hospital, was shot in the head. The bullet had entered through his forehead and exited through his scalp, which required stitches and staples.

The victim told police he had arrived for work and parked his vehicle when a man – who was later identified as Rush – tapped on the window and asked to use the victim’s cellphone. Rush was handed the victim’s phone, dialed a number, handed it back, and then pulled out and pointed a gun at the victim. After Rush ordered him to get into the car and threatened to kill him, the victim grabbed for the gun.

Rush pointed the gun upward as it discharged. The victim, who fell to the ground and was bleeding, was able to get inside the hospital to be treated.

Police collected a .45 caliber discharged cartridge casing from the scene..

Surveillance footage showed a man loitering in the parking ramp’s west stairwell immediately prior to the shooting, and then, that same man running downstairs immediately after. Footage from a business next to the parking ramp showed a silver, two-door car driving away from the area after the shooting. Police then issued a crime alert on the car.

On Sept. 24, Savage Police provided information that a car matching images shown in a crime alert had been involved in multiple credit card thefts on Sept. 15. The stolen credit cards were used at a Walgreens by Peterson. With the stolen credit cards, Peterson purchased gift cards, which were later used to place a hotel reservation.

Edina Police were familiar with Peterson because she was a passenger in a vehicle that had fled police in a prior incident. Rush was the driver of that vehicle.

The victim was able to identify Rush as the person who had shot him in the parking ramp after investigators conducted a photo line-up that included Rush’s photograph.

After gathering the phone numbers associated with the pair from their hotel reservations, investigators obtained location data from a cell carrier showing the suspects to have been in the area at the time of the shooting.

After the shooting, the phones were stored at a storage facility in New Brighton. The storage unit also contained gun cleaner, an empty handgun case and the title for Peterson’s car.

On Sept. 27, the car was seen by police at a Bloomington hotel. Police did not indicate which hotel.

Rush was arrested inside the car and Peterson was arrested inside a hotel room. Inside the hotel room, police said there was apparent methamphetamine, male clothing matching Rush’s clothing the night of the shooting, and a notebook that included a list with words “burner phones” and “gun.”

After Peterson was arrested, she told police she was in the Southdale area at the time of the shooting looking for a bank and made the wrong turn. She denied that Rush was with her.

Rush’s criminal history includes felony convictions for financial transaction card fraud, drug possession and other theft-related offenses. Rush was also convicted in 2014 of first-degree aggravated robbery.

Peterson’s criminal history includes felony convictions for drug possession, theft and forgery. She is also under probation for the sale of methamphetamine in the first-degree.

Both Rush and Peterson are in custody.

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