A 60-year-old St. Paul man is facing up to three years and a day in prison after allegedly fleeing Eden Prairie Police June 22.

According to the criminal complaint, officers on patrol ran the plates of a passing vehicle and found that the registered driver, Jessie Mack Williams, had an active warrant for his arrest. After the officers confirmed that the driver of the vehicle resembled the photo of Williams on file, they pulled the vehicle over and approached on foot, according to the complaint.

The officers informed Williams of the warrant. The complaint states that Williams “became irate and began sounding the vehicle’s horn repeatedly.”

Williams then reportedly said “Man, I’m done,” and began driving away. Officers pursued Williams, chasing him for a couple of miles at speeds of up to 60 mph, according to the complaint. Officers reportedly used their squad cars to force Williams’ car from the roadway.

He was taken into custody, and freely admitted to the flight. The charge against him is a felony.

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