To the Editor:

The coming decade will bring a number of real estate redevelopment projects to the city of Edina. We will need to rely on strong leadership and sound judgment from our city manager, our city staff, and of course, our elected city council members.

I have been a resident of Edina since 2003 and a member of the Edina Planning Commission since 2013. While serving on the planning commission, I have been involved in the review of proposals for new development that continue to come before us with an ever-increasing frequency. It requires a steadfast and concerted effort to maintain a neutral position when evaluating new development proposals. One must be persistent in seeking out and studying all the facts, completely open to hearing and understanding resident concerns, confident enough to ask tough questions of city staff and developers and finally, be able to step back to evaluate with the goal of making the best possible decision for the city’s future, its residents and taxpayers. This is not a time for personal agendas or egos. That is why Bob Stewart is my choice for city council.

During his freshman term, Bob Stewart has demonstrated time and again that he has the ability and desire to tackle the tough ones. He has shown the courage to question majority assumptions, to ask for more data before deciding, to call out where improvements should be made in city processes and to demand better performance from city paid consultants. Bob provides the strong leadership and sound judgment our city needs. Join me in voting to re-elect Bob Stewart to the Edina City Council.

Susan Lee


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