To the Editor:

I’ve lived my entire life in Morningside and or Edina. I recall the annex of Morningside in 1966, I was 14. The thoughtful growth and development of Edina is no accident and has been accomplished by visionary and decisive leadership. In 1965 there was outrage for locating Braemar Arena so far out in the country. After spending 4 years on the Edina Historical Society’s Board, I became additionally enlightened to the tremendous history and leadership that Edina has enjoyed.

Bob Stewart and Kevin Staunton possess the skills, experience and thoughtfulness to continue the strategic growth and vision for Edina. Both incumbent candidates are highly educated and experienced in law, finance, strategic planning, city government and both have the passion to serve Edina. We are blessed to have such qualified and competent people looking after Edina’s best interests.

Regarding “single-issue” candidates that want to stop development and question property rights: Market conditions dictate most all growth development and we should be so lucky that people want to live and work in Edina. Are we going to send developers down the road to nearby communities whom also are managing change, unprecedented growth and development opportunities?

Regarding transparency and communication: I was a member of the “Neighborhood Identification Committee” for a year and we had dozens of “touch points” and countless communications yet, a year later, the neighborhood across the street from City Hall suggested they were never informed. If we want to learn about our city and what’s going on, it’s our personal responsibility to get connected and stay informed, tap into the many options the city makes available.

I’ve watched countless hours of the City Council meetings and cannot be more impressed with the balanced thoughtfulness and articulation of Stewart and Staunton. I don’t know him but I was impressed with the candidate analysis done by new Edina resident Dan Lew,, take a look.

There’s an old business adage; “if you’re not growing, you’re dying,” I suspect Cities are no different. Edina will never die (or sleep) under Stewart and Staunton’s ‘watch’. Re-elect incumbents Staunton and Stewart!

Bruce Carlson


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