To the editor:

While fulfilling your duty in voting for Bloomington School Board members, here are some questions and comments for your consideration in choosing your candidate.

Who has connections with the city and public schools that may suggest an affinity for Bloomington? Who demonstrates skills, maturity, talent and wisdom in representing you? Who sustains meaningful contributions to Bloomington Public Schools over time?

Who demonstrates clear, well-grounded thinking and leadership, capable of joining and assisting a team promoting effective decision-making and problem-solving with complex issues facing our public schools?

The answer to who is Heather Starks. We have worked with her for several years and believe she fulfills all of the qualities listed above. A lifelong Bloomington resident educated in Bloomington schools, she has a well-established interest in Bloomington and its public schools, and is well prepared to serve on its school board.

Heather’s resume is impressive. She is a licensed teacher in Minnesota, featuring 20 years of classroom experience, including Bloomington Public Schools. She has experience teaching adults, middle school students and preschool children. Heather earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of St. Thomas and recently completed the Education Policy Fellowship Program hosted by the Center for Policy Design in St. Paul and the Institute for Educational Leadership in Washington, D.C.

Currently, she chairs the Bloomington Public Schools Advocacy Council, of which she was a founding member, and is in her third year as president of the Minnesota PTA. In this later role, she oversees around 200 local Minnesota units representing approximately 8,000 individual members. Previous leadership experience within Bloomington Public Schools includes serving as president/vice-president/chair of the Community Services Advisory Board, Bloomington PTSA Council, Hillcrest PTSA, and Early Childhood Family Education’s Parent Advisory Council.

Heather’s dedication, quality of character, education, work experience and esteemed achievements call for your vote. Give Heather Starks the opportunity to serve honorably and productively as your school board representative.

Dennis Kane

Lynne Scherer


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