To the editor:

Please join me in voting for Janie Shaw in the upcoming Edina School Board election.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Janie on the Highlands PTO, the EPS Parent Leadership Council, and at many events at Highlands. I also had kids at South View Middle School while Janie was PTO president. Parent involvement can be a challenge to navigate at the middle school level, but with Janie’s approach and commitment to connecting parents with information the PTO has redefined the home/school relationship.

She recognizes that growing the connection between school and home will help our kids reach their full academic potential. She is a tremendously committed, knowledgeable, skilled and passionate leader who genuinely cares for students and families. Over the years, I have seen her devote countless hours working on multiple school committees, and in classrooms, forging strong partnerships with teachers, staff, and administrators. She is a proven leader with sensible and creative ideas for improving the district.

Janie is both an excellent listener and learner and is willing to tackle difficult discussions and decisions. I encourage you to vote for Janie Shaw for Edina School Board.

Diane Lindquist


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