To the editor:

Dedicated, hardworking and engaging, that’s the experience I had working with Congressman Dean Phillips’ office.

A year ago, I contacted his office to share and express ideas on how we could improve today’s immigration system, especially regarding immigration from the Northern Triangle of Central America.

Prior to the meeting, I sent over information describing what is happening among Honduran immigrants. During the meeting, I could tell the staff had taken the time to read the material and was well-versed on the matter. Additionally, the staff really wanted to learn from me and the other presenters. This meeting turned into a dialogue over the next few months, which grew into a relationship.

Future House budget meetings regarding immigration involved reaching out to me to see if I had any questions for Phillips to ask.

The way Phillips’ office operates is exactly the way a House office should function. The staff is inclusive, and is not only willing, but wants to hear about the demands and desires of the constituents that they are representing.

They are a role model for other congressional offices and Rep. Dean Phillips has my full support in his reelection campaign.

Joe Maccani


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