To the editor:

In this schizoid, bipolar political world where temper tantrums and name-calling have replaced thoughtful debate on the issues, it is unusual to find candidates who avoid the histrionics of the day. It is rare to find candidates who evade any kind of political labeling or typecasting.

Heather Starks and Susan Woodruff are two such candidates. They are both running independent campaigns without the formal endorsement from either political party.

Starks, a teacher and past president of Bloomington PTSA Council, is an apolitical candidate running for the Bloomington School Board.

Woodruff, a lifelong Bloomington resident and community advocate, is a strong-willed and impartial candidate running for Bloomington City Council District II.

Neither candidate has been shaped or molded by the left or the right, but walk their own walk.

While speaking with both candidates, I was struck by their detailed knowledge of the issues significant to the positions they are seeking. Starks has an encyclopedic mind and can rattle off facts and figures faster than a spinning reel. Woodruff is no sluggard either when it comes to figuring out much the latest megaproject will cost the city. I also came away with a sense of their dedication and passion for the people they will be serving in schools, in the communities they live and in public meetings.

At a time when every issue has become intensely political and when outside money is funneled down to local elections, it is good to know that there are a few candidates who don’t have a hidden agenda. As a Bloomington resident, it is immensely gratifying to know that for Starks and Woodruff, what you see is what you get.

It’s time we rid local government of partisan politics.

Vote Starks and Woodruff on the Nov. 5 Bloomington ballot.

Bill Holm


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