To the editor:

Thanks to all the Edina residents, staff and business owners who spent countless hours over many months crafting the excellent Climate Action Plan which the City Council unanimously approved per the article in the Dec. 23 edition of the Edina Sun Current. But plans are just on paper, so it’s exciting to see that this plan has specific timelines for staff to report on implementation. One area that needs creative problem-solving is how to get developers to construct buildings and homes that are carbon-minimal and future-oriented, rather than just profit-motivated.

We need to enact the tightest climate standards possible for buildings in our city. Beyond state law limits we also need to use incentives, priority permitting, awards for LEED standards, and all other ways possible to encourage builders to build for tomorrow, not for today. Edina is a prime city for tear-down and new construction and high energy standards will be beneficial. As more and more businesses and homeowners look for climate-friendly places to do business and live, highlighting high climate building standards will likely increase interest among buyers. We in Edina can be proud of many things about our community. Let’s put our new “deeper shade of green” at the top of everyone’s list.

Lane Ayres


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