To the editor:

When people in the Twin Cities area think sports writers, they think of Sid Hartman. When people in Edina think sports writers, the first person they think of is John Sherman. Both Sid and John are legendary sports writers who deserve to be recognized. Sid receives his recognition as he is with the Minneapolis Star Tribune. But John, being with a small, local paper, certainly does not get the recognition he deserves.

John Sherman has been a sports writer for the Sun Current papers since I was in high school. Student-sathletes for generations have looked weekly in the sports section of the Sun Current to see if they are the Star of the Week, their name is mentioned in an article, or if John got a great action shot of them in a game.

Over the years, John has been a pillar of the sports community in the Southwest suburbs of Minneapolis. He religiously attends every game, match, and meet that his schedule allows. You can always find John with one of his baseball hats on, press pass and camera around his neck, and notepad and pen in hand ready to jot down some great quotes. After the event is over, you can find John interviewing the star athletes of the night, always with his infectious smile, soft tone voice, and great questions.

John not only writes and publishes articles on the more-attended sports, but has always included in the paper sports like swimming, cross country, track and field, and of course one of his favorites ... 35 and older men’s softball. He never leaves any sport out.

I know I can speak for so many people in Edina when I say thank you John for so many years of hard work in providing everyone with such great local sports coverage. Keep going John as I know our community looks forward to opening the paper each Thursday and finding out who the stars of the week are, seeing great pictures of athletes in action, and reading your great articles about all the sports in Edina.

Job well done John.

Paul Manley


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