To the editor:

I am honored to serve on the Edina City Council. And as I prepare to end my service after three terms, I am proud to put my support behind James Pierce for Edina City Council.

It is time that the Edina City Council reflect the diversity of our city. At Cargill, James carved the path that is now filled with a diverse workforce. He leads that workforce today much like he led the Edina Race and Equity Task Force and, I am confident, will lead our city as a member of the Edina City Council. As Co-Chair of the Edina Race and Equity Task Force, James helped to establish the strategic vision toward change that ensures that all residents feel they are part of our city’s story, are served by the city’s programs and services, have their voices heard and feel welcome.

Some of the issues we face are thorny, they are uncertain, they are difficult. James approaches these issues with a healthy dose of dissatisfaction with the way things are, leading forward with courage, focus, professionalism and calm, navigating the way forward that is thoughtful and collaborative.

James will serve with honor, integrity and fairness.

It is with gratitude and with confidence that I urge you to join me in voting or James Pierce for Edina City Council.

Mary Brindle


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