To the editor:

Last month, yet another polar vortex unleashed frigid weather across the state, an event that many Minnesotans have become accustomed to. But it didn’t stop here; the cold front brought subzero temperatures and snow as far as Texas, causing widespread panic as blackouts occurred and clean water became scarce.

Severe weather events, perhaps like those experienced in Texas, are only worsening as the effects of climate change loom larger, and Edina is far from immune. Though Minnesota has more of an ability to sustain during cold weather periods, it remains one of the fastest warming states in the country. Recent years have already demonstrated the effects of global warming close to home with increased flooding in the Morningside neighborhood and other areas identified by the city.

As we see these impacts take hold, action needs to be taken to ensure that Edina is doing everything within its capabilities to prevent the impending climate crisis.

Project Earth, the environmental club at Edina High School, is proposing that part of this action take the form of a sustainability plan for the school district. The resolution that our club has drafted calls for a 20-year plan surrounding clean energy and energy efficiency, climate literacy, clean transportation, and waste reduction, as well as the preservation and restoration of natural resources in school grounds.

Though the school district has taken the initiative to address sustainability in some areas by implementing policies and actions focused on waste reduction and smart energy use, a more comprehensive and long-term plan is necessary to ensure that this leadership continues in the most productive way.

Project Earth is calling for the endorsement of Edina citizens in its goal for the passage of this resolution. Please consider showing your support by signing our petition and ensuring steps toward a safe future for all Edina residents. Both the petition and the full text of the resolution are available on

Project Earth

Edina High School

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