To the editor:

Having spent 20 years in the military, I lived in Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, Alabama, New Mexico, Wisconsin, England, Oklahoma and Nebraska before ending up in Bloomington.

When we purchased our home here, one of my first tasks was to contract with a trash collector for my pickup services. This was the first time in my many moving experiences that I encountered this task. I was amazed by the number of different trucks driving up and down my street each week and could only envision the air pollution and wasted fuel this caused. I was not prepared for the complexity of the contracts these collectors provided me and found myself trapped in a contract for an extra year because of the wording.

I was overjoyed when the Bloomington City Council decided to end this practice and establish organized collection. Perhaps the way they did it does not benefit from the reduced fuel, labor and vehicle maintenance costs to the carriers and needs to be analyzed and modified, but the benefits to the environment, noise reduction and decreased road wear is immense.

I intend to vote no on the two questions so that Bloomington continues to have organized collection. I encourage my neighbors to join me voting against competitive trash collection so that the city can have a stronger voice in contracting with their vendors and the cost savings can be optimized. I see no benefit to the home owners of Bloomington going back to competitive trash collection.

Kevin Sliwinski


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