To the editor:

After recent Bloomington City Council meetings, many Bloomington residents are very frustrated.

We have a service issue regarding the garbage collection. The council voted 4-3 to continue the contract with the present haulers, which is a very bad deal for residents. The proposed renewal is for 5.5 years, with annual increases averaging 3%. More negotiations must take place to get a fair contract, or go back to the previous system and allow residents to negotiate their own deal.

Additionally, the council and city manager are looking for remedies to fill the budget shortfall created by COVID-19. The city manager should consider salary cuts and senior management layoffs. The governor of Minnesota and several other high-ranking state officials are taking a salary cut to demonstrate what needs to be done. Also, the governor is looking to institute layoffs at all levels, to cut costs. This must be looked at in Bloomington.

Instead, the city’s staff chose to recommend the permanent closure of the Motor Vehicle Office and Creekside Community Center, which are important services to the residents of our city. We need to look at the whole enterprise.

Many business owners are taking little or no salary to keep their enterprise going and keep some employees working. The residents of Bloomington are looking for the city manager and city council to run the city as a business.

I hope that the residents will get involved and let the mayor and council know what needs to be done, and which services are important to them.

Keith Olson


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