To the editor:

Thanks for your important coverage of the Creekside Community Center story, both in last week’s Sun Current and online.

The Bloomington City Council is faced with tough decisions and almost voted to close Creekside and the Motor Vehicle office without the public knowing about it.

Thanks to the council for delaying the decision to May 18, and to Councilmembers Dwayne Lowman and, particularly, Jack Baloga for persuading the council to refrain from voting and delaying the decision so the public could express its reaction.

It would be a shame if a city, fifth in population in the state, would close its only senior center as Bloomington residents continue to age.

Perhaps there are benefactors out there who would pay to have Creekside remodeled, such as Dr. Paul Dwan for a golf course or Allan and Debby Schneider for the arts center.

Don Heinzman


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