To the editor:

My name is Kit Olson, an Edina Schools retiree, and I‘m writing this letter in support of Dan Arom for the Edina School Board. I first met Dan in 1986 as his American government teacher at Valley View Middle School. Fast forward a few years, and I had the pleasure of teaching his children at Valley View as well!

Dan’s parents immigrated from Thailand in the mid-60’s to pursue healthcare careers, which influenced his own career interests and commitment to serve his community. He’s always been a humble, welcoming person. His flexible demeanor, patient listening and effective problem solving skills enabled him to work collaboratively with other students. These assets have continued to serve him well professionally within the complex healthcare and technology industries, and in his many ventures into community service. Dan has never been a self-promoter but rather is committed to listening to others, facilitating needed research and working collectively to find unique solutions. He would bring a wide range of experiences to the board.

I also met Dan’s classmate, Spenser Somers, in 1986. Although I didn’t have Spenser in class, he’d pop in between classes to greet others with his beaming smile. Anyone who met Spenser was moved by his warmth, and his story; his death in 1990 brought grief to the Edina community. In his memory, Dan and close friends co-founded the Spenser Somers Foundation which, in partnership with Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota, supports camping experiences for children stricken with cancer as well working with other nonprofits. This is just one example of Dan’s ability to help ideas become reality.

As most teachers will agree, it’s a joy to connect with former students and learn how they’ve used their talents and skills in the world. Dan’s service to Edina and the broader Twin Cities community reflects his gratitude and core ethics. His ability to bring people of different strengths and backgrounds together reflects the leader he has become.

I encourage Edina voters to learn more about Dan and his vision on his website,

Kit Olson


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