To the editor:

Edina has been fortunate to have Erica Allenburg as our School Board chair during the past couple of years. Even during these complicated years, she has gotten results. We hope you will join us in voting to re-elect her to continue the good work she has led.

During Erica’s tenure, the Edina School Board has:

• Implemented a comprehensive strategic plan

• Hired an outstanding and dynamic new superintendent, Dr. Stacie Stanley

• Managed the schools with a steady hand during the complicated COVID years

• Overseen the vote to renew our tech levy and approve an infrastructure bond

• Negotiated a renewal of the teachers contract

• Partnered with the Edina Ed Fund to support students’ mental health

At the same time, continuing Edina’s great academic and fiscal status:

• Aaa credit rating was maintained (one of three districts in the state with this highest level)

• Edina students had the highest ACT scores among public, non-charter schools in the state in 2020

• 87% of AP test-takers at Edina High School earned a score of 3 (the qualifying score for college credit) or above in 2020

• Outstanding enrichment opportunities such as athletics, robotics, music programs at all grade levels were continued

Under Erica’s leadership, Edina’s schools are in a better position than ever. We are supporting Erica because we know she believes in continuous improvement and will guide our district to lead Edina schools to new heights.

Catherine Gump

Tom Gump


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