To the editor:

Erica Allenburg is truly committed to every child and every school in the Edina School district. During my tenure on the district’s Special Education Advisory Council (SEAC), I’ve had the opportunity to work with Erica. She always listens to our board members, explains district policies and Minnesota state laws so we can reach higher for our kids and for special education in Edina Public Schools. She has donated countless hours fighting for us, despite having a long list of meetings, emails to read and events to attend within EPS everyday. Erica attends our monthly meetings, even though she is not the school board member assigned to SEAC. She takes a personal interest in our kids.

Erica actively supports an expansion of “Edina Unified” in every school, giving our special needs students a chance to learn with their typical peers, a benefit to every student. She’s pushed to get it the funding necessary to thrive. She has also worked with administrators resulting in the creation of inclusive summer programming as well as enrichment clubs and childcare at the middle school level. She has continually fought for our kids in the last four years. She listens, and she acts. My own child has achieved great success at EPS under her watch. As former chair of SEAC, I hope you will join me in supporting Erica’s re-election.

Carrie Carroll


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