To the editor:

Do you ever wonder why a person would run for election or re-election to public service? Do you ever think, “I would/could never do that”? Aren’t we all fortunate to have those among us who are good, solid, ethical citizens and step up to represent us all!

In her service as a member of the Edina School Board, Erica Allenburg has proven her dedication to public service. She values relationships with stakeholders in Edina Public Schools. She keeps an open mind, listening and taking time to learn about the issues. She knows that the best solution may not be in front of her and may require more listening and learning, creativity and innovation – out in the community and away from the dais.

Residents who do not know Erica may not realize that she is an advocate for all students, all abilities, all backgrounds. Now more than ever, with renewed focus on equity and excellence for all students in Edina’s schools, we need the strong leadership and vision that Erica Allenburg provides every day. Please join us in our vote to re-elect Erica Allenburg for Edina School Board in 2021.

Mary Brindle

Mike Fischer

Former Edina City Councilmembers

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