I ran through at least eight different shtick first paragraphs for this thing, and none of them felt right. So I’ll just have at it, I guess.

This is my final column, and final piece of written work in my capacity as the Eden Prairie Sun Current editor. I have accepted work as a software engineer at a small company in Minneapolis.

I realize that’s not the expected trajectory for someone leaving an editorship, but I’ve been attending school in the background for a couple years now.

Many long nights studying and jarring days woven together from writing newspaper articles and writing computer code have, at last, paid off.

Most of all, I wish to say thank you. I’ve shared two and a half years with the community of Eden Prairie, and I have felt welcome and valued throughout.

Thank you to those of you who lent your time to help fill the pages of the newspaper. In the end, no one has to grant an interview, and no one has to submit photos — yet nearly every article I wrote leaned on the grace and assistance of at least one person in this community.

I would like to extend particular thanks to the city of Eden Prairie. The quality of life in this city is attributable in the aggregate to the care that its employees take in executing their duties.

I also wish to thank those with whom I have worked on staff at the Sun Current. Collaboration, consultation and commiseration are all extremely valuable, both professionally and personally.

Lastly, I wish to thank my wife, Kelsey. Finding her was my most brilliant stroke of good luck, pursuing her all the way to matrimony was my soundest decision, and sharing my life with her is my greatest joy.

There’s not much more to say. I considered writing an impassioned defense of the value community journalism brings at this scale, but if you’re reading this column, I suspect you already know that.


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