A team of four Edina High School juniors are finalists in the Project Green Challenge, which drew competing teams of high school and college students from around the world.

Julia Domingo, Yeshe Jangchup, Sofia Seidelmann, and Maria Goulakova are all part of Project Earth at EHS. Seidelmann will travel to the San Francisco Bay Area later this month to represent the team in the finals.

As members of Project Earth, these students joined Project Green Challenge because they saw it as an opportunity to get involved in environmental activism. They describe the work as an informative and inspiring challenge as they continue to advocate for climate justice and true sustainability, according to a district press release.

Throughout October, Project Green Challenge participants chose to be the change — and to not only become informed, but also to educate friends, families, and classmates about fair trade, climate justice, soil, wellness and more.

After competing against teams all over the world, Julia, Yeshe, Sofia, and Maria earned themselves a spot as a Project Green Challenge 2021 Finalist as Team JYSM – an acronym labeled for their first names.

Team JYSM plans to create rain gardens alongside the streets of a redlined neighborhood in West Seattle to stop runoff from going directly to drains or oceans, the news release said. Plants have a detoxifying effect so the water travels through the soil to filter out harmful substances before they reach water sources.

To learn more about Team JYSM and their goals to help the planet, view their portfolio at trimurl.co/9FNzRZ.

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