Memorial Blood Centers announced this month that the city of Edina and Edina Police Department has won the 2019 Battle of the Badges.

Edina collected 54 units of blood during its drive on Wednesday, Aug. 21. The win unseated the Rogers Police and Fire departments, which had won the competition for the previous five years.

The friendly competition, hosted annually in August throughout the Twin Cities, challenges departments of first-responders to help save the most lives through blood donation. This year, 18 departments participated and recruited a total of 409 community members to donate blood at participating blood drives.

The city of Crystal was named the Rookie of the Year, collecting 27 units of life-saving blood at their first Battle of the Badges blood drive.

First-responders see the life-saving impact of donated blood far too often, whether they are responding to a fire, an accident, or other trauma situation. While Edina may have won the contest, the real winners are the patients in local hospitals who may have had their lives saved by blood that was donated during the competition.

Even though the competition is over, the need for blood is constant. Memorial Blood Centers needs more than 2,000 blood donors to step up each week to ensure it can provide local hospitals with the blood that patients depend on. New and returning donors of all blood types are urgently needed to help maintain a stable blood supply. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, visit MBC.ORG or call 1-888-GIVE-BLD (888-448-3253).

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