All grades in the Edina school district will move to distance learning after COVID-19 cases have risen rapidly throughout the city, county and state.

After a second emergency meeting of the Edina School Board this week, all students in kindergarten through grade 12 will move to distance learning by the end of the month. Superintendent John Schultz and other district administrators recommended to the board at a meeting earlier this week to move all elementary, middle and high school students to distance learning.

The board decided on Nov. 10 to move grades 3-12 to distance learning, with middle and high school students to officially begin Nov. 19. At the second emergency meeting on Nov. 12, the board also decided to move kindergarteners through grade two to distance learning. All elementary students will begin by Nov. 30.

The board had hesitated to move the youngest learners – those in kindergarten through grade two – to virtual learning, but the accelerated case numbers in the community prompted the latest decision.

Students at Edina High School have already begun learning from home with asynchronous learning days. Nov. 13 will be the last day of in-person school for middle school students. Nov. 20 will be the last day of in-person school for elementary students.

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