Editor’s note: The following is the latest in a series of submissions from the Edina Complete Count Committee.

Are you a snowbird? Where will you be for winter 2020?

The Edina 2020 U.S. Census Complete Count Committee encourages you to be counted as a Minnesota resident even if you still are in Arizona, California, Florida or Texas when April arrives. Why?

First, the census seeks to count you where you spend the majority of each year (six months plus one day).

Second, the state of Minnesota and the city of Edina rely on census data to receive federal funds totaling $15 billion for roads, schools and local projects. On a per-capita basis, that is $2,796 per person per year, or almost $28,000 per person over the ten years until the next census.

Third, Minnesota may lose one of its eight seats in the U.S. Congress. After the 2010 Census, Minnesota secured the 435th of 435 seats by a margin of only 8,739 people. How Minnesota has grown compared to other states and how accurately Minnesotans are counted will determine how well Minnesota is represented in Washington, D.C.

How will the 2020 census be conducted? In mid-March 2020, every residence in the U.S. will receive a postcard invitation to respond to the census on April 1 online (digitally) or by U.S. Mail. Neither the postcard nor the printed census form will be forwarded. If there is no response from a residence, an enumerator (census worker) will arrive at the door in late April or early May.

Wherever you are in March and April 2020, the Complete Count Committee hopes you’ll respond to the census with your Minnesota residence information.

Information about the 2020 U.S. Census can be found at bettertogetheredina.org/EdinaCCC.

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