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This week, Curious Edina answers the question: What is Edina’s most popular park?

The winner in this popularity contest is Centennial Lakes Park. The attraction offers many amenities, including an 18-hole championship putting course, a nine-hole

Scottish Links putting course, six lawn bowling courts and paddleboats to paddle around the 10-acre lake chain. These amenities are available May through September. Movies, weekly concerts, the Edina Farmers Market and annual boat parade and Torchlight Concert are other community events that happen throughout the summer months at the Park. Nearly 20,000 people come out to participate in these events, seeing patrons from all around the world.

During the winter months, staff groom the 10-acre lake for ice skating.

In a typical winter, the park sees more than 6,000 people come out to skate on the lakes and enjoy all that Minnesota winter has to offer.

The walking trail that surrounds the lake has seen a spike in popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic, with walkers passing the public art that was acquired for the city by the Edina Community Foundation – the Northwest Airlines Memorial and Reflecting on Friendship sculptures.

Pathways, picnic tables and nature surround the park, down in the oasis that Edina created so many years ago from a gravel pit. As the partnerships created at the park’s inception continue to prosper, the Edina Community Foundation encourages people to get outside and enjoy everything that the Edina parks system has to offer.

– Thanks to Laura Fulton, Centennial Lakes Park assistant manager, for her answer to this week’s question.

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