To the editor:

I’ve heard complaints about the liberal media for years — usually from those on the right who wish to discredit unflattering reporting or inconvenient facts.

Proving this to be a false narrative, an April 30 article was so conservative it should have been labeled as an editorial.

The article covered the current phase of the Bloomington trash saga, using typical conservative dog whistles like “government-chosen collectors” and “government-designated districts.” To read it, you’d believe that there were tens of thousands clamoring for a vote, not the couple dozen activists who are unhappy with anything the city does: “...during the five years [a handful of] Bloomington residents have fought for the right to vote on the city’s garbage collection...” [correction mine].

The piece didn’t mention that thanks to these individuals’ lawsuits, Bloomington residents will pay higher rates for the next five years. The pending ballot item killed the possibility for an RFP, giving haulers the ability to set the rates at will and handing them a windfall.

I don’t mind a good political debate, and I enjoy reading ideas from both left and right in the paper. Just keep opinion pieces to the editorial page.

Paige Rohman


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