Richfield Mayor Maria Regan Gonzalez is extending the city’s nightly curfew though Thursday, June 4.

The city will be under curfew again tonight from 10 p.m. to 4 a.m. The police department plans to continue its enhanced patrol staffing.     

In a statement released Wednesday afternoon, the city statement included this passage: "Richfield leadership, police, and fire officials understand that the past several days have been challenging for all residents. As city officials, we promise to help the city and its residents heal from the tragic event that led to the recent unrest in the metro. We want to be a vehicle for change and will work to promote policies, programs and initiatives that will uphold a higher level of equity in Richfield.

"Thank you again for being great partners in keeping Richfield safe and abiding by the curfew. It allowed our public safety and fire service personnel to operate effectively and efficiently. We are all in this together and all have a part to play in keeping our community safe."

Public safety report for June 2-3

The city released its daily public safety report, which included this statement:

"Calls for service were down for a second straight night for our first responders, approaching normal levels. Once again, residents were very helpful in reporting suspicious activities. 

"Between 6 p.m. last night and 6 a.m. this morning, our officers responded to 66 calls for service. This was a 21% decrease compared to the previous night and a 53% decrease from Sunday, when officers experienced their highest call volume.

"The department focused on traffic stops, curfew violations, and reports of suspicious persons. No known burglaries were attempted or confirmed in the city of Richfield."

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