Since the outbreak of civil unrest in the Twin Cities metro, Richfield has imposed a nightly curfew dating back to May 29.

In accordance with Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz’s decision to extend curfews in both Minneapolis and St. Paul, Richfield will be extending its nightly curfew through June 2.    

Mayor Maria Regan Gonzalez altered the parameters of the curfew in a new proclamation.

The curfew set from June 1-2 will be in effect from 10 p.m. to 4 a.m.

People traveling to or from work, emergency services, law enforcement, people seeking emergency medical care or fleeing danger, the homeless and the news media are exempt from the Richfield curfew.

“Our police officers are responding to an unprecedented number of calls from residents and through their own proactive patrolling efforts,” said Mayor Regan Gonzalez. “Extending the city’s curfew gives them an additional tool to keep everyone safe.”

During the city-wide curfew, the Richfield Police Department is asking residents to:

  • Stay indoors;
  • If you live in a house, leave on porch lights; and
  • Call 911 if you witness any suspicious activities

“Over the past three nights, the city curfew has helped our officers efficiently identify and locate suspicious activity. I believe that a lot of potentially illegal activities were prevented because we were able to respond so quickly,” explained Police Chief Jay Henthorne. “But, we need your help, if you see something suspicious, call 911 immediately.” 

To read the extended curfew proclamation, visit:  

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