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Students gathered outside the Richfield High School for their preparations to march to the Richfield City Hall and police department.

About 200 Richfield High School students participated in an organized, state-wide walkout Monday, April 19, to protest social injustice.

The students gathered outside the high school for the pre-planned march to the Richfield police department where speeches were heard and a 2-minute moment of silence was observed.


Richfield students marched to city hall as part of an organized walkout across the state on Monday, April 19. 


Richfield students turn onto 68th Street as they approach city hall during their walkout and march in protest of racial injustice Monday, April 19.

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Richfield students make their way down 68th Street chanting "Black Lives Matter" during their march to protest racial injustice on Monday, April 19.


Students gather at the Richfield City Hall to hear speeches and to hold a 2-minute moment of silence during their march to protest racial injustice Monday, April 19.


Richfield students listened to speeches and held a moment of silence at city hall at the end of their march in protest of racial injustice held Monday, April 20.


Richfield High School students marched from the school to the Richfield Police Department at the Municipal Center Monday, April 19, in a protest against racial injustice. The planned walkout was sponsored by the Minnesota Teen Activists group and was held across the state by a number of schools.

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