To the Editor:

I have been a Richfield resident since 1992, and served with the Minneapolis Police Department from 1988 until 2014.

I saw and endured much during my 26 years; but in my retirement the most dismaying and disappointing thing I have seen is how many of my former colleagues who endorsed our lawfully elected, but poorly chosen chief executive, President Donald J. Trump.

A man who evaded military service using highly suspect methods, who abused the legal process to enrich himself at the expense of others, who consistently failed to pay his creditors, who cares nothing for the rule of law or the facts of the case, but relies upon personal favors and connections to get his way, and who continues to claim victory in an election with baseless claims of fraud. An election which I helped to administer as an election judge, and which every responsible authority with firsthand knowledge has declared to be free and fair.

I lived through the attacks of 9-11, which brought this country briefly to its knees. We endured and recovered; it was both sad and scary. I have now lived through an insurrection fomented by President Donald J. Trump for his own bloated ego.

On a personal level, I am enormously sad. I did not put my life in harm’s way for 26 years to sustain this type of leadership; but I am even sadder about my colleagues who cast away their obligation to uphold the law and embraced a charlatan.

Scott J. Dahlquist


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