Steven Unowsky, Richfield School District superintendent

Steven Unowsky is the superintendent of Richfield Public Schools

If you thought you knew Richfield Public Schools, it’s time to take a fresh look.

A transformation has been underway. Thanks to a voter-supported referendum in 2017, all of our schools are being renovated to reflect the important work that happens there each day.

Our staff has been actively engaged in professional learning to reimagine how teaching and learning must adapt for a changing world with culturally competent leaders. And in recent months, we have engaged parents, teachers, administrators and student leaders in refining our brand.

In the truest sense, a brand is the way people describe our schools and their experiences. We learned that families look to us to be innovative and individualized, to offer rich opportunities and maximize the sense of community that cares about its children.

Enriching and accelerating learning is our new district tagline. To keep today’s students actively engaged as agents of their own learning, we must provide enriched opportunities and allow them to work at a pace that keeps them challenged.

Our AP for All program, unique in the metro area, introduces ninth-grade students at Richfield High School to the rigor of advanced placement courses, while providing the time, instructional quality and support for students to successfully complete the experience. It’s no longer only the confident or privileged that self-select into these college-readiness courses.

All Richfield High School students learn that with disciplined study, perseverance and teachers who are invested in their success, our students can learn whatever they commit to study. Richfield also offers many College in the Schools courses in partnership with the University of Minnesota. Our dramatic increase in graduation rates over the last four years is evidence of our student successes.

In Richfield, you will also experience real community: a caring community, rich in diversity and relationships. Many say the “R” in Richfield stands for relationships. We are small enough to know every student by name, interest and motivation. We support and challenge students to bring their best selves to school every day.

Think back in your life. We are confident that there was a mentor or caring adult who challenged and supported you to bring your best self forward. Relationships give youth the roots they need to extend their reach. Whether it is a teacher, a neighbor, a local shop owner, or a community, trusting relationships help us succeed.

In Richfield, we put student learning first. We know that each child has unique gifts and every family has their own dreams for their children. We promise to personalize learning and engage every student in rigorous and relevant lessons with a focus on career and college readiness. With the pace of change today, students will learn to take ownership for their learning and never stop. Perseverance empowers.

Whether your passion is the marching band, robotics, English literature or any of many high school athletic or academic teams, Richfield offers rich opportunities. Through the four A’s of academics, arts, athletics and activities, we will open doors to opportunities and leadership development.

In Richfield Public Schools, we are transforming education. We are changing the way we teach and better connecting with the way students learn. We are preparing students for jobs and careers that can only be imagined by teaching them to be critical thinkers and creative problem-solvers. We are putting innovation in action and closing the digital divide. Every student in Richfield Public Schools will have access to highly qualified teachers, technology and exciting learning opportunities.

Richfield has been described by many realtors as the up-and-coming community for families. An urban hometown where children can still walk or ride their bike to school. A vibrant community that attracts newcomers and alumni alike.

Our school district also has a new logo to symbolize the modern Richfield vibe — one that resonates with young families — and a diamond that honors our proud and loyal Spartan history. We hope this new look will reflect the inclusive, forward-thinking, and caring Richfield community that students, parents, grandparents and community elders will grow to love.

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