To the editor:

I know James Pierce from our time serving on the Edina Race & Equity Task Force. Our task was clear: this group of volunteers was asked to evaluate and issue recommendations to address race-based disparities in city services, facilities and institutions. Despite this clarity of purpose and an articulated process, the path was often murky. It involved uncomfortable conversations, reckoning with hard truths shared by our neighbors, family and friends, and disagreements on the best way through.

As co-chair, James brought an exceptional ability to listen to multiple perspectives, thoughtfully reflect, adjust to new information and guide the group through challenging moments. His quiet confidence spoke volumes, leading with courage, grace and empathy. At a particularly contentious time in the group’s journey, James quietly listened and validated multiple views, slicing through confusion by suggesting a new way forward while keeping us focused on our ultimate goal – a community that works for all of our residents.

We are living in a turbulent time, and I spend a lot of my time feeling unsettled. We navigate uncertainty. We worry for our loved ones and those whom we have never met. In this time, we need leaders who are prepared, thoughtful and will work to continuously improve Edina, leaving no one behind. James is this kind of leader. Please cast your vote for James Pierce for Edina City Council.

Katherine Bass


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