To the editor:

As you consider city council candidates for the 2020 election, one important factor in a candidate’s preparedness is their knowledge and understanding of the guidance that leads the decisions made by the council. Guidance comes in the form of small-area plans and guide plans. The most comprehensive guide plan is the Edina Comprehensive Plan. As a member of the Edina Energy and Environment Commission, Carolyn Jackson worked through the framework of the Comp Plan, helping to shape the future development, redevelopment and community enhancement. Jackson understands the broad view, looking at how best to improve the everyday lives of Edina’s residents, workforce and visitors. She evaluates options from a climate change view, understanding the environmental consequences of the options being considered. Jackson, a member of the Edina Neighbors for Affordable Housing, also evaluates options from a perspective of equitable housing for all.

Jackson is a hard worker. She is a seasoned volunteer, working alongside others to accomplish great things in Edina: Edina Community Foundation, Edina Fourth of July Parade, Rotary Club of Edina Morningside, League of Women Voters of Edina, Edina Energy & Environment Commission, Vision Edina Think Tank, Parent Council at Edina Schools and more.

Jackson understands how to listen, ensuring that residents’ views are heard and inform the final decision.

Please join me in voting for Carolyn Jackson for Edina City Council.

Mary Brindle


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