A 26-year-old Inver Grove Heights man claimed that he was following his ex-girlfriend to Bloomington because she was with a man she shouldn’t have been with, and was assaulted by the man after confronting him.

The Inver Grove Heights man’s arrest suggests otherwise.

Police officers were dispatched to Merwin Liquors, 8348 Lyndale Avenue, at 3 p.m. Oct. 31 following a report of an assault. Officers at scene spoke with a 41-year-old Richfield man, who said that his vehicle was followed after he departed from the Bloomington Walmart store.

When he pulled into the Merwin Liquors parking lot, a man emerged from the vehicle that had been following him. A passenger in the first vehicle, a 25-year-old South St. Paul woman, recognized the man, as it was her ex-boyfriend, according to Bloomington Police Cmdr. Damon Bitney.

The Richfield man confronted the woman’s ex-boyfriend in the parking lot before entering the liquor store. The ex-girlfriend confronted the suspect as well. The woman said that she was arguing with her ex-boyfriend, and it turned physical, as the suspect grabbed her and tried to pull her into his vehicle.

The Richfield man exited the liquor store to see the woman struggling with the suspect and intervened. The two men exchanged punches and another passenger from the first vehicle, a 74-year-old Richfield man, also exited and intervened, Bitney said.

The Richfield men were able to pull the woman away from her ex-boyfriend’s vehicle and retreated to their vehicle. The suspect responded by ramming their vehicle with his, hitting the 74-year-old man’s leg as he did do, causing a minor injury.

The suspect then hit other vehicles parked in the lot before exiting his vehicle and attempting to flee on foot. He didn’t get far, possibly due to an injury, and officers arriving at the scene were able to locate and arrest him easily, Bitney said.

The suspect was checked by paramedics for injuries and transported to a hospital before being booked on suspicion of kidnapping, domestic assault and second-degree assault, Bitney noted.

The woman said that her relationship with the suspect had ended a year prior, and that she had a no-contact order against him. She said she had warned him in the liquor store parking lot that she would call the police, which prompted him to grab her, Bitney added.

Domestic assaults

A 29-year-old Bloomington woman’s ex-boyfriend was arrested, accused of assaulting her and threatening her with a knife.

Police officers were dispatched to Hampshire Hill Apartments on the 10600 block of Hampshire Avenue at 9:30 a.m. Oct. 31. A friend of the victim called 911 after she arrived at the friend’s apartment with her 2-year-old son, Bitney said.

The woman told the police that her relationship with the 24-year-old suspect had ended six months prior, but they still see each other occasionally. He identified the woman’s apartment as his address, and had a key to the apartment, which he used to let himself in occasionally.

The woman reported that he showed up at her apartment the previous day and told her he wanted to talk. She said she didn’t want to, and he assaulted her. He eventually left, but the woman didn’t report the incident at the time, Bitney explained.

The woman said she woke up during the early morning hours of Oct. 31 and realized somebody was in her room. It was her ex-boyfriend, who had a knife. She tried to get up, but he pushed her back down on the bed, told her to be quiet and threatened to stab her.

She tried to get up again, and the suspect bit her on the forearm. A fight ensued, with the victim being struck and thrown around the room. When the suspect stopped assaulting her, he suggested they lay down to go to sleep. The victim complied at that point, Bitney said.

They both fell asleep, and the woman woke up after 7 a.m., noticing the knife lying on the bed. She took the knife and slowly exited the bed, careful not to awaken the suspect. She hid the knife and went to check on her son, who was already awake.

The suspect woke up, however, and confronted her, grabbing her and demanding the knife back. She said she had put it in his car, so the suspect took her keys, cellphone and purse and exited the apartment. The victim took her child and left the apartment. Initially the woman hid in the building before seeking out her friend, Bitney noted.

Officers at the scene found the suspect on the woman’s balcony, and he refused to comply with officers outside the building. He threatened to jump off the balcony, but when officers made entry into the apartment with a key, he surrendered, Bitney explained.

The suspect was booked on suspicion of first-degree burglary, second-degree assault and false imprisonment.

A 26-year-old Montrose man was arrested following a report that he assaulted his wife in her Bloomington apartment Nov. 1.

Police officers were dispatched to the 8000 block of 33rd Avenue at approximately 8:30 p.m. that day. A resident of the apartment complex reported there was screaming inside another apartment. Officers located the victim, who was visibly shaken, at her apartment.

She said her estranged husband, whom she has a no-contact order against, showed up at her apartment earlier that evening. She allowed him to enter her apartment to talk. He was consuming alcohol during their talk, and eventually became agitated. When he was asked to leave, he became upset, according to Bitney.

The 24-year-old victim said that her husband took her phone away and their verbal argument turned physical. She reported that he grabbed her by the hair as he dragged her around the apartment.

At one point he threw her phone into a room. When the woman went to retrieve it, he locked her in the room. He eventually freed her, but the assault continued, with the suspect eventually breaking a computer keyboard and hitting her with it, Bitney explained.

At that point the victim began yelling for help. The suspect left the apartment shortly before a neighbor, and then police officers, arrived, Bitney added.

The suspect fled Bloomington, but was located by the Wright County Sheriff’s Office and arrested. He was booked on suspicion of kidnapping, domestic assault, property damage and violating a domestic abuse no contact order.

Stolen vehicle

A crowded vehicle passing through the parking lot of a Bloomington hotel turned out to be stolen, and resulted in the arrest of three people.

A patrol officer passing through the parking lot of Comfort Inn, 1321 E. 78th St., passed an exiting vehicle that was missing its front license plate. The officer noted the vehicle had a rear Minnesota plate, and followed it onto Interstate 494, where the officer conducted a traffic stop.

The driver, a 55-year-old Brooklyn Center man, said the vehicle was not his, and did not have a driver’s license. He did present an identification card, however, and his identity check showed he had an outstanding warrant, Bitney said.

A check of the vehicle’s identification number showed that it had been stolen in St. Paul, which resulted in the Brooklyn Center man’s arrest for stolen vehicle possession and his outstanding warrant, as well as the removal of the four passengers in the vehicle, Bitney noted.

The front seat passenger, a 28-year-old Minneapolis woman, was transported from the scene to the Hennepin County jail for an outstanding warrant. One of the three passengers in the rear of the vehicle, a 48-year-old Brooklyn Center man, initially gave a false name. When his identity was verified, it turned out he had an outstanding warrant, resulting in his arrest as well, Bitney explained.

The remaining two passengers, a 44-year-old Minneapolis woman and an 18-year-old Minneapolis man, were cited for riding in the stolen vehicle and released at the scene, Bitney added.

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