There was never an explanation for the machete on the floor of his vehicle, but the Bloomington police officer questioning a driver who had been weaving along Nicollet Avenue didn’t end up needing the weapon.

A 33-year-old Minneapolis man was arrested after a pursuit, of his vehicle and on foot, after his vehicle was stopped during the early morning hours of Jan. 31. A patrol officer spotted the vehicle weaving near the intersection of 95th Street and Nicollet Avenue at approximately 5:30 a.m. and conducted a traffic stop near 98th Street, according to Bloomington Police Cmdr. Damon Bitney.

The driver’s behavior was suspicious from the beginning, as he refused to roll down his window when the officer approached the vehicle. He eventually cracked the window less than an inch, and was quick to question the officer as to why he was pulled over. The officer asked the man for his driver’s license and proof of insurance, which proved to be a difficult task for the suspect. He made claims that the vehicle was registered in another person’s name, that he didn’t have proof of insurance with him and that his address on his driver’s license was incorrect. The officer noticed the man appeared to have a knife in his pocket, as well as a large knife that looked to be a machete on the floor of the vehicle, Bitney said.

The suspect remained upset over the traffic stop, but he provided enough information for the officer to attempt an identity check from the squad car. That check didn’t happen, however, as the suspect drove off when the officer returned to the squad car, Bitney explained.

The suspect drove south on Nicollet Avenue and turned east onto Mission Lane. The vehicle came to a sudden stop where his passenger, a 49-year-old St. Paul woman, emerged. The pursuing officer continued following the suspect’s vehicle while a second officer assisting at the scene detained the woman. Mission Lane is a cul-de-sac, however, which forced the suspect to turn around in order to continue fleeing. He did just that, driving past the pursuing officer’s vehicle, despite efforts to block the suspect with it, according to Bitney.

The suspect headed north to 102nd Street, east to 10th Avenue, north to 98th Street and west to where 98th Street and Old Shakopee Road split. The unusual configuration and an awaiting squad car gave the suspect few options. The awaiting squad car was partially shielded by a snowbank, and the suspect appeared to be trying to ram the squad car, but only managed to clip the snowbank. It was enough to stop the suspect’s vehicle, but not the suspect. He exited the vehicle through the passenger’s door and began running, Bitney said.

The suspect ran through yards in the neighborhood, and a K-9 officer at the scene helped track the suspect, who was arrested in the 9800 block of Elliott Avenue, Bitney noted.

The suspect’s vehicle was impounded, and a search of the vehicle turned up bank statements and tax forms that were not in his name, as well as an iPad that appeared to have been stolen. The follow-up investigation determined that the suspect had been discarding mail and other items that weren’t in his name as he fled from his vehicle, Bitney noted.

Charges of fleeing a police officer in a motor vehicle and on foot and possession of stolen mail were submitted against the suspect. His passenger was not arrested, Bitney said.

Angry brothers

Two brothers who had a hard time co-existing on a Sunday morning were arrested after a report of domestic assault.

Police officers were dispatched at approximately 11:30 a.m. Feb. 2 for a report of domestic assault at an apartment on the 9100 block of Lyndale Avenue. The 46-year-old caller said that his brother had choked him to the point of unconsciousness, and in defense, he hit his 59-year-old brother with a frying pan, according to Bitney.

Officers spoke with both men. The 46-year-old man said the brothers had been living together for a few months and had been drinking alcohol that morning. He said his brother became upset, began yelling and screaming and, unprovoked, grabbed him by the neck. His brother then pushed him up against a kitchen wall, prompting the 46-year-old man to grab a pan off the stove top, which had oil in it, and hit him in the head, Bitney said.

The 59-year-old brother said that his younger brother was angry and had been knocking items over. To get him to stop, he grabbed his brother by the neck, but eventually let go, as his brother had calmed down. He said he sat down on the couch and his brother poured the pan of oil over him, then hit him in the head, Bitney explained.

Officers noted that the older brother did have a gash on his head that required stitches, and the younger brother had a red mark on his neck, according to Bitney.

A third person, a 55-year-old man who said he also lived at the apartment, reported that the 46-year-old brother had been making noise while using his telephone. The 59-year-old man told him to quiet down, and eventually pushed his brother up against the wall, with his hand around the brother’s neck. The witness retreated at the point, but returned to the scene moments later to see the 46-year-old man pour oil and alcohol into a pan, pour it on his brother and then hit him in the head with the pan, Bitney said.

The 59-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of domestic assault by strangulation while the 46-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of second-degree assault and misdemeanor domestic assault.

Evicted and jailed

Two hotel guests who had overstayed their welcome at a Bloomington hotel were arrested for financial transaction card fraud and possession of narcotics, stolen property and counterfeit currency.

Police officers were dispatched at approximately 5:40 p.m. Feb. 1 to La Quinta Inn, 7815 Nicollet Ave., to evict occupants of a hotel room who had not left by noon, and had not paid for an additional night, according to Bitney.

Officers contacted a 26-year-old Minneapolis woman inside the hotel room, telling her that she needed to leave. She claimed she and her male companion were trying to arrange to stay for another night, but were struggling to come up with money. The 27-year-old Minneapolis man was inside the room, and an officer talked to him separately. While speaking with him, the officer noted evidence of narcotics use in the room. The officer asked to search the room and their possessions, and the man consented, Bitney said.

The man’s backpack contained credit cards that weren’t in his or the woman’s name, and the woman’s purse contained unmarked prescription pills, a Social Security card, driver’s license, birth certificate and credit cards that weren’t in her name, an iPad that was later determined to be stolen and three bills that appeared to counterfeit, two $100 bills and one $20 bill, according to Bitney.

Based upon the search, the duo was arrested. While being transported to jail, the man appeared to be moving around in the back of a squad car. Upon arriving at the jail, there was a white powdery substance on the seat. As the man exited the vehicle, a plastic bag containing white powder fell out of his pocket. The contents appeared to be crushed pills, and a search of the suspect inside the jail turned up additional pills, Bitney noted.

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